Carmen Raes Sexy Taxi

On the way home in the taxi it was clear what was going to take place when they got home. Carmen Rae and Jax Slayher had been to their local night spot where they danced away the hours and drank to much beer.

In the taxi Jax Slayhers hand was slowly ebbing its way up Carmen Raes inner thigh. (She only had on a tight mini skirt with a silky bra top on.) Carmen Rae looked up at the taxi driver and was aware that he was watching . Normally Carmen Rae would of smacked Jax Slayhers hand away but after having a few to many beers she was finding herself turned on by the thought of having someone watching them.

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Carmen Rae wriggled as Jax Slayher reached her pink lace knickers. He gentle caressed the outside of her knickers making her slightly moist around her cunt. The taxi driver kept looking into his mirror to try to get a clearer view.

Jax Slayher managed to get one of his long thick fingers inside her knickers. He gently started to flick her clit. He knew she liked this. He took his finger out and sucked at his fingers to make them wet and more able to enter her cunt.

Jax Slayher turned to face Carmen Rae and kissed her slowly on the mouth. In his eyes Carmen Rae could see that Jax Slayher was asking her for permission to go further. Jax Slayher was also aware that the taxi driver was watching them. Carmen Rae turned towards Jax Slayher and kissed him hard on the mouth and playfully bit his bottom lip. Jax Slayher placed his wet fingers inside her knickers and started to stroke her clit more. Gradually he went down further towards her cunt opening, were it was getting wetter. Carmen Rae opened her legs wider and touched his hand to guide him into her warm, sweet, wet cunt. His finger went in slowly and Carmen Rae whimpered. He moved his finger up and down in a gentle motion.

Carmen Rae put one of her fingers into her mouth. Jax Slayher watched as she started to slowly screw her finger wishing it was his cock instead. She placed her free hand onto his groin and began to rub it. She could feel that his cock was already hard underneath his trousers. Carmen Rae managed to undo his trouser zip and put her hand onto his huge throbbing cock (he never wore boxers) Carmen Rae grabbed him hard around his bulging cock and started to wank him. At first she was gentle but she soon got speed and was wanking him harder and harder. Jax Slayher loved the way she held him, she knew what he liked.

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